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i just found out site thru an official now living in Arizona. I was at Norfolk, Va. and met with many people including coaches. I am hopeful that Dr. Voy and Dr. Fillerberto both elected will help.

I am the president of the year old Yuma County Youth Boxing Assn., Inc.a non-profit group of residents in the greater Yuma area running a program with many youngsters. The City of Yuma rents the Az. National Guard Bldg for use 4-8:PM daily. We must do everything else including fundraising, purchasing equipment, travel expenses, insurance, etc.

We are a 501(c)(3) corporation with a formal board of directors meeting twice a month. we have two part time coaches, and some volunteer coaches too.

We have had two "Ringside Challenges"- one day local shows for Az and Ca participants.

Prior to our founding this organization my wife, Hedi and I founded La Colonia Boxing Assn.,Inc. of Oxnard , Ca. Our program produced many very good boxers, and fine young men. Including Fernando Vargas, Roberto Garcia, Rolando Reyes etc. Our coaches were Martin Noriega, and Eduardo Garcia. We are hopeful to build a program that is strong and long lasting. We will need a facility to accommodate more than 100 youths in the near future, as the Armory will be torn down in about a year or so.I am very interest in working with the good people in Olympic-style boxing to increase membership, and make this sport again popular. Our 22000 registered boxers is a far cry from the 48000 in 1972!

I hope to get Senator John McCain involved in an effort to see that more funding is available to reach into the communities across America to get kids into the gyms! The 1.3 Billion we sent to Columbia may not be the most practical answer to win the War on Drugs!  Perhaps a more effective method can be formulated to reach the young kids who are not too far from being recruited to our sport.

I have been elected to our Az LBC as the new secretary. I plan to be active as best I can.

Presently, all our kids are novices, with 3-4 bouts to date. We have at least 5 prospects among them to be very good. I have a 13 year old girl, 193 lbs. 5'11"who hasn't boxed in a bout yet. She nevertheless is in the gym daily since mid-January. Her mom is in prison, dad unknown, lives in a 2 room house with 15 people headed by her grandmother who gambles. Sound familiar.

We have been helped by funds from our Housing Authority to go into the public housing areas and have demonstration to recruit new kids. Parent participation is very limited as you know. We are making progress.

Hedi and I are certified officials, and coaches too. We judged at the 25th annual Gene Lewis Tournament in November where 170 plus boxers participated. Our assistant coach Anthony Garcia was the inspection clerk at the Blue & Gold in Ca.

We agree with you about the coach being in his boxer's corner. Where's the hangup with enforcement of the new rule?

As a 5901(c)(3) organization, USA Boxing, Inc. is wide open to the forces of the membership, or loose tax exempt status. Power rests with the people!! If elected officials do not operate within the scope of the rules they can be replaced, also law suits can be brought if an inner circle of USA Boxing, Inc operates to their wishes.

I am a businessman, working since 10 years old , starting on a street corner in Philly, about 4 blocks from Champs Gym of sonny Liston, Harold Johnson, Sugar Hart, Gil Turner fame etc. I spent 3 hours with coach Eddie Futch at his home in Las Vegas while there in July.

Time is my opponent, I've spent 3-6 hours daily organizing the effort to establish a worthwhile program for the KIDS!!!!!!  I an documenting everything so we can publish a manual to be used by others.

We are teaching the History of Boxing in depth and have access to historical tapes of the greats of the sport including, Gans, Johnson, Fitzsimmons, Choyski, Corbett, Dempsey, Manual Ortiz, Charley Burley, and many, many more greats. I feel the kids must know that they are part of a great American tradition and know who guys like Sam McVey, Willie Pep, Briscoe, Lewis, La Barba, etc were .

Thank you for your efforts to continue to strive to make this sport which has become marginalized in America grow again and realize its' potential.

With warm regards,


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