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Yes coaches I am referring to the rule that allowed personal coaches to work their boxer's corner in all competitions including Olympic Games.

The rule that took me 6 yrs. to finally get on the floor for a unanimous win vote at the 1997 Annual meeting in Spokane, Washington. It only took all of the people at USA boxing that were against the rule 3 yrs. to figure out a "slick" way to have the rule taken out USA Boxing "slicked" this by us. They sent out approx. 120 memorandums to presidents and other voting members of states and regions around the U.S.A. The memorandums asked that each member vote to keep the rule or to have it taken out.

This memorandum news was discussed for the first time at our Ohio association annual meeting on Dec. 3, 2000 The supposed vote took place in April 2000 Approx.48 members voted to take the rule out and approx.28 members voted to keep the rule. Out of approx.120 sent out only 28 members voted to safeguard this very important rule that passed unanimously in 1997. I personally think USA Boxing bosses were trying to figure out a way to remove the rule the very second it passed by a majority vote.

We all need to really think about who we want in office to represent us. We need to start at our local levels. If you are a designated voter for your state, regional and national candidates you really need to listen and determine if these candidates are running for the right reasons. Some people seek office only for self-fulfilling reasons and will not fight for issues we the majority membership feels are important.

The memorandum that was sent out stated something about the boxers needed to be coached by the selected USA Boxing coaches. This would help the boxers win at top level competitions. Yeah right! In other words USA Boxing is saying that the coaches that got their boxers to qualify for such competitions are not capable to continue. They tease the coach and boxer by allowing the coach to work the corner at international duals but snatch the chance to finish the job at the Pan Am Games, World Games, Goodwill Games and Olympic Games. This doesn't make sense. If the coach is good enough to have his boxer winning internationally at duals why isn't he good enough to go to the next level? Pan Am Games, World Games, Goodwill Games and Olympic Games are just the same as international duals only with more days of competition and more of a mix of opponents from around the world.

If your boxer has boxed against a lot of different opponents from around the world prior to the Games as most boxers do where is the problem? No coach knows a boxer like his personal coach. The selected USA boxing coaches haven't been doing such a great job. The past decade of Olympic Games and chosen coaches speaks for itself. Medal winnings have been Poor, Poorer and Poorest! Maybe not in that order but you know it hasn't been too good. How much more proof is needed to realize that the selection process is the failure process! USA Boxing to me doesn't care about medal standings anymore all they care about is personal standings. If they did care they would figure out a way to insure that the personal coaches be allowed to work their boxers corner at all competitions including all Games. They would not have even thought about ways or reasons to take the rule out but instead tried to figure a way to make it happen. USA Boxing blames Aiba and the World Olympic Committee regarding this rule saying that they do not want to issue too many credentials for these Games type competitions. Why? Are they afraid they will lose money at the gate? I'm sure coaches would be willing to pay for an admission ticket plus the cost of a credential if that is the reason. Any reason to stop the personal coach from working his boxer's corner is a very lame reason.

USA Boxing should take the position of support for this rule not the destruction of it as they have so eagerly done. USA Boxing should say to any coach that succeeds in qualifying his boxer to Games competitions Loud and Clear "we will see to it no matter what it takes that you will be able to work your boxers corner coach". USA Boxing should say we will make sure you get credentials even if we have to give you our own to get past security to the ring area's. USA Boxing should use their "slickness" to present rationale to the objecting committees explaining why they want their personal coaches to be allowed to work the corners.

USA Boxing can work this out if they really wanted to but honestly I don't think they want to. Somebody needs to stop putting the blame on others and look at themselves for starters.

Control, Ego, Self Preservation and Favors can cause problems in all types of organizations. Oops I forgot Greed. We all know that change can take place if you push the right issues in the right places. USA Boxing needs to start pushing the issues in the right places. Go to Aiba and the World Olympic Committee and tell them change is needed regarding this rule. First start in your own house with those people and you know who they are that have verbally spoke against the rule. Aiba and the World Olympic Committee are not going to say they don't want us in the Games Competitions if you fight for our rights. They need the U.S.A. in those competitions. USA Boxing the majority membership spoke Loud and Clear in Spokane, Washington in 1997 and now you have told us 3 yrs. later so what.

Its like April Fools Day especially since you "slicked" us in April. Coaches until we make USA Boxing Headquarters and all of the elected local, state and regional office holders know that they work for us we are going to keep getting our rights violated. The coaches and boxers are the majority membership and some of the elected office holders forget that once they get in office. That's why I once again stress to all voting members in our program to think before you vote. Eventually we can clean house and have a program that we can all enjoy to the fullest.


Coach Falcone

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