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Dear Mr. Baker,

I am writing to you again because AIBA has listed you as the person to contact per any correspondence to their organization. Can you please send me via email the specific reasons in AIBA's by-laws that explain why they are opposed to allowing personal coaches to work their boxers corner in such competitions as the World Games, Goodwill Games, Pan Am Games and Olympic Games?

Since AIBA is a branch sport organization of the International Olympic Committee can you obtain any specific explanations from the International Olympic Committee per their by-laws that might explain if they too are opposed to the personal coaches working their boxers corner at the same competitions? Why aren't there any objections to personal coaches working the corner at dual competitions?

Mr. Baker it would help all of us personal coaches to better understand the precise documented reasons why we are not welcome at such competitions. If there really are specific written rules regarding this issue it would be very helpful to post them on USAmateurBoxingCoaches.com so personal coaches can see who really is opposed or in favor of this rule that has again been taken out of the USA Boxing rules.

Thank you very much for your assistance in answering these important questions. Please submit permission for USAmateurBoxingCoaches.com to post each organization's written explanations.


Coach Falcone



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